Maperture是其他应用频道下深受用户喜欢的软件,太平洋下载中心提供Maperture官方下载。Maperture 是一款功能 强大的 插件,可为你的照片迅速添加地点标记。...

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DWG Converter Mac版 1.1.2

DWG Converter Mac版 截图1...

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Kung Fu Monk Mac版 1.1

Kung Fu Monk Mac版 截图1...

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Morphyre Christmas Visualiser Mac版 1.56

Over one hundred unique Christmas scenes containing sound-reactive 3D graphics. Comes with four fun effects and easy navigation controls. Play your music and watch Morphyre Christmas respond to the sounds received by your computer's micropho...

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Learn English Grammar, Writing, Spelling and Vocabulary Mac版 3.0

Learn English Grammar, Writing, Spelling and Vocabulary Mac版 截图1...

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DSD Master Mac版 1.2.3

DSD Master Mac版 截图1...

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GoldKeyVault Mac版 7.13.14

GoldKeyVault Mac版 截图1...

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PDFtoKeynoteFast Mac版 1.0.0

PDFtoKeynoteFast can convert PDF to Keynote quickly and preserves the original text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and graphics with high accuracy. After conversion, you can easily edit or reuse the PDF content in other application.Ke...

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PictureResizer Mac版 1.0.0

Resize, Rename, Convert multiple photos easily.PictureResizer is a simple photo resizing tool that allows users to resize, rename,convert the photos in a quick and easy batch mode. With it, users can easily adjust the size of photo by percen...

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POI Loader Mac版 2.2.2

POI Loader is free software for your computer that lets you upload customized points of interest to your compatible Garmin device. With the help of POI Loader, you can update your compatible Garmin GPS with the latest POIs, including restau...

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